Nucleon Management Commands

Nucleon has a basic command line interface for managing applications and databases.

Most commands operate on the nucleon application in the current directory, but will also work if called from a parent directory.

Application Management

new <dest>

Sets up the initial structure of a nucleon application in the named directory.


Start the nucleon application.

By default, nucleon’s web service is available on port 8888.

Database Management


Creates any database tables listed in database.sql that do not already exist, and also performs INSERTs into the tables that it creates.


Runs the database.sql script. Any tables that already exist are dropped and re-created.

Graceful Application Exit

To close nucleon app in production environment please send it a SIGUSR1 message. Within 10 seconds timeout (default timeout) nucleon will:

  1. Stop serving new pages. All requests during shutdown will be handled with 503 response.
  2. Wait for existing requests to complete.